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2017 - 2018

It has been a full year of jumping, falling, failing, getting back up, wash, rinse and repeat! 

BUPeriod is proud to announce, as of 2018, we are beginning prototype  development of the BUP Smart Pad. Natural, Sustainable & Absorbent so women who have issues managing their menstrual cycles can take their lives back! Period.

Please click below to support development efforts.

Let's Build Together

We are looking to raise 6K for our pre-seed round. Your continued support and contributions will not only help build the Beta BUP Smart Menstrual Pad, Phase I of development, but 10% of all contributions will go towards organizations who are leading the fight for young girls who miss school due to lack of menstrual hygiene management.  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

About Us

In the Beginning...


So...22 Fibroids later...I jumped. 10 years of fibroid management left me with no other choice but to help other women who were like me; heavy bleeders who needed menstrual pads that were designed for comfort, security, sleekness and not diaper like.  Hence the BUP SmartPad.

And then...

1776 Incubator Pitch Showcase with Vanessa Siverls at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

After traveling abroad to Africa, Europe the Middle East and India, I came home in 2017, and was a resident at both 1776 and Futureworks incubators in Brooklyn, NY. BUP then joined forces with the NY menstrual health coalition, for period equity, and  also pitched the BUP Smart Menstrual Pad...twice.  

"You gon' learn today!"

BUPeriod prepping initial "frankenstine" sanitary pad prototypes for Amy

BUPeriod is currently a resident at Brooklyn Fashion Design Accelerator, a sustainable focused co-working space for Pratt Fellows, startups and small business who are all in alignment with the triple bottom line of smart fashion, eco-friendly, and innovation towards zero waste. As a P.B.C., we aim for BCorp.




What you eat can affect your period?

Great News! I was able to eliminate ALL CRAMPING, BLOATING and NAUSEA just by reducing salt, sugar and dairy from my diet. In addition, I practiced the Blood Type Diet. Ask your nutritionist if you suffer from the above with your period what diet lifestyle changes may be good for you.

Stay tuned for sustainable health, wellness & beauty blog designed for you to just be... you. Period


Stress can affect your period?

Our uterus "IVY" has enough pressure and stress shedding her menstrual cycle. Self Care and stress reduction the week prior to your cycle would make "IVY" a very happy camper. Not cramper. 

FYI...Warm herbal teas such as chamomile and/or red leaf raspberry has a calming effect during your cycle. Ask your local natural food store for additional insight.

Stay tuned for BUPeriod's pocket and/or pocketbook full of joy to get you smiling and affirming!


Too much beauty can affect your period?

Espcially for those of us who have symptoms of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS or any other reproductive disease, beauty products may have chemicals that can affect our hormonal compounds which can have an affect regulating our menstrual cycle. .

FYI...I fully removed myself from  beauty products that had ingredients I could not pronounce. Ultimately I ended up only using natural oils, vegan shampoo and Shea butters.

Stay tuned for more insights and information on menstrual health management for women with uterine fibroids and other reproductive issues.

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BUPeriod, Public Benefit Corporation

Brooklyn, NY