The Very First Time... I Had My Period

We want to know your tricks or remedies, as well as, any funny experiences you may have had the very first time you dropped..

By Vanessa Siverls, FoundHer & CEO, BUPeriod

Most women in the world will have a first time and because we are not one size fits all , we will all have different experiences during our first time...having our period that is.

BUPeriod encourages you to share Your Very First Time Story with other gems and gemtlemen so that we can continue the conversation of where babies come from? Why do I crave salt, sugar and red wine at the same time? What is that smell? Why is my pee red? and the infamous  OUCH...What was that?...Mom!

Let share and get gem-powered! Be you, period. Your body is your gem.


Your Story