" Out damn spot . . . Out I say! "

‘Out damn spot…Out I say!” Lady Macbeth or Gorbachev or British Petroleum…have your pick.

By FoundHer & CEO, Vanessa Siverls

Okay so ladies, what do you use to remove the ring around the panty, the bed, the blanket and wherever else your bum touches during your gem cycle? 


First off ladies, never panic, because blood is super natural, super organic and super easy to remove…if caught early enough!

The following works for me…usually undergarments, P-Jays and sheets:

Step 1. Warm water and soap then rinse

Step 2. Peroxide!

Yes, you heard correctly PURRR-ROCKS-SIDE. H2O2 (not to be confused with Star Wars Tech or two ho’s…okay never mind)

Just pour a little in your underwear or sheets and enjoy the magic show!

Step 3. Bleach! (for lighter sheets and PJs) ONLY…If Needed …I try to use all natural cleaners…but sometimes a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do…

This is harsh….but trust it works…just a little bleach. Just a little. (be careful if your stuff is high quality or expensive…then the bleach thing may be too harsh)

As far as the train, the car and/or the couch are concerned…weeweepads!

People will thank you…TRUST…the last thing you need is for someone to follow you home because all they had to do was follow the drip, follow the drip, follow the drip! 

Hope this helps…please share with us your remedies and magic tricks!


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