Fighting Pain. . .

Some of us have what is known as dysmenorrhea…the unexplainable.

Some of us may have Endometriosiswell at leat 157 Million of us last I checked here in America.

Others of us may have Uterine Fibroids1 of 7 here in the America.

Ovarian Cysts, Ovarian Cancer, PCOS …and the list goes on and on and on.


By FoundHer & CEO, Vanessa Siverls

Some of us have what is known as dysmenorrhea…the unexplainable.

Some of us may have Endometriosiswell at leat 157 Million of us last I checked here in America.

Others of us may have Uterine Fibroids1 of 7 here in the America.

Ovarian Cysts, Ovarian Cancer, PCOS …and the list goes on and on and on.

Many times over the counter and/or prescription strength pills are prescribed…but consistent pill taking, especially in high dosages, can be concerning…especially if we are talking every month for 20 years plus! The numbers of pills add up don’t they????

Did you know that there ARE many alternative approaches to fighting pain?

  • Do they take longer?…most likely.

  • Will it require a bit more effort?…probably.

  • Could they be a bit pricey?...maybe.

But trust when I say, if we take a bit more time…(some of us have 30+ years to bleed) and if we put in a bit more effort…as well as re-evaluate how much we spend monthly and what we spend it on then it will all be worth it in the long run. I know it was for me.

My go to natural and alternative remedies that I share with women who are dealing with cramping are the following:

  1. Wherever you are just pause and remain still. Stressing can cause more pain.

  2. Drink chamomile tea. A little honey. This drink relaxes you. Red raspberry leaf is also good for toning the uterus. I used to drink prior to having my period.

    a. PLEASE REFERAIN FROM COLD DRINKS OR EXPOSURE OF UTERUS TO THE COLD. We want the blood vessels heated and expanded so blood flow easier.
  3. Get a warm compress or use your hand and press against your uterus and rub or massage to soothe.

  4. If you are able to find a quiet place, like a closet or bathroom stall or under your desk if you are not home, get down to child’s pose. A yoga position that resembles a baby who sleeps on it’s stomach. 20 min or so. This will help you and your uterus to relax.

  5. Take at least 15 – 20 deep breaths and focus them down to your uterus. Inhaling and expanding broadly and exhaling through your mouth and your breath deeply.

  6. Think positive thoughts, and put yourself in a warm place with sand and water. Negative ions in water help soothe and balance you. This is why we feel so good after taking a shower. So image yourself at the beach and allow the waves to massage you and the sound of them to relax you and this would be a good time to listen to 20min of relaxation music on YouTube.

  7. For those of us who may have more serious complications, please try to incorporate the above although you may still have to use the medication prescribed by your doctor.

Preventative measures that I took for fighting pain…

  • EAT RIGHT – I used to decrease my salt and sugar to almost zero and my bloating and cravings went away. I also adopted the Eat Right for your Blood Type diet. It did wonders for me. It wasn’t about taking away as much as it was about replacing with good stuff that your body loves!

  • SLEEP RIGHT – This is the time your body takes to fully take care of itself. So we need to get FULL and peaceful sleep. Positive affirmations and positive thoughts prior to closing your eyes is a good way to nite nite.

  • THINK RIGHT – When we are actively thinking positively we set ourselves up for positive energy to be attracted to us. If we can breathe through the pain without frowning or stressing or fussing, then we may be able to send our HAPPY hormones to go in the trenches for us to help us out with the pain.

  • WORKOUT RIGHT – The only thing we needed to work out... is ourselves. Literally and physically speaking! No gym is required. Walking, yoga, running and light calisthenics are some of the best ways to balance out your hormones throughout the month.

Ladies these were some of my methods that I used to not only deal and manage pain, but ultimately I was able to get rid of period pain COMPLETLEY.

Again, this is not a one size fits all model, and I highly suggest speaking with an expert who you can talk to about customizing a lifestyle routine that works right for you and your body.

Throw your boxing gloves on ladies…let’s fight pain together.

But in the meantime….LET’S SHARE! We want to know how you have, had, and will manage period pain…so others can GAIN!


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