Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with a BA in theatre from Hunter College and MBA from Hult International Business School. Vanessa has been fortunate to work with one of the biggest brands in the sports industry, the NFL, where she gained valuable experience in database, branding, events and program management.

"I all of a sudden found myself divorced from my ex-husband, the fibroids and the NFL. I knew something else was brewing around the corner that would replace so much experience". That something else was HULT. MBA students were challenged to build a business whose bottom had a triple effect. It was within the Hult Impact Challenge that BUPeriod was born."

Justine Stacey

Chief Marketing Officer

Justine  career in marketing, business development, and strategy has been with social enterprise clients, leading a start-up, and international non-profits. Her passion is empowering women on a global scale, and she has traveled throughout Africa and Asia managing various projects and speaking on international conference panels. She is inspired by women supporting women and the real change we see when that happens.

Marijun Jam Villarino Sy

Chief Finanical Officer

Jam has been an accounting professional for 5 years, with experience in private and public sectors as well as in small businesses.BUP is a company that started out as a vision of the CEO. Her passion and the drive to help women overcome their issue is so infectious and her dedication inspiring. Knowing the management team, and strongly believing in the cause, I heeded the call and decided to help the company in whatever way possible.

Tatiana Pelaez Jimenez

Manager, Marketing & Communications

Tatiana has lived, studied and worked in 5+ countries, graduated from TRU with a BA-Economics and did her Masters in Social Entrepreneurship at HULT. Passionate about research, and published a paper in "HIGHER EDUCATION EARNING PREMIUMS IN CANADA" as well as her TEDx talk "Inspirational Index". She has focused her work experiences in academia and startups.
Tatiana considers that she shares the same interest and core values of BU Period. The importance of empowering women and creating a social impact in this industry aligns with what she would like to represent and support, as an alternative and sustainable lifestyle.

Rachel Elizabeth Cargle

Social Media Manager

A entrepreneurial activist and insatiable traveler, Rachel uses her business sense and deep connection to those around her to build dynamic service based agencies and women empowering programs to make her mark on the world. Rachel is currently on living in NYC and attending Columbia University.I believe that when women and girls are empowered they promote the rise of the nations they live in. 

The work that BUP does is on the front lines of giving women their power back, this makes the world a better place and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

TK Singleton

Social Media Manager

Saif Rehan

Web Developer
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