Letter from FoundHer & CEO

Hello Gems and Gemtlemen,

Thank you for checking in with BUPeriod. This online BUP community is one of sharing, engaging, and/or just simply observing. As we seek to launch and grow our business we look forward to co-producing with you and hope that you will also come on board as co-producers of BUP's products and services.

The BUPeriod journey is a personal one for me. Prior to 2015, I had spent the prior 10 years managing uterine fibroids along with other minor ailments. I was diagnosed with 4 in 2005 and 22 were removed during surgery in 2015. Upon being diagnosed I went on a quest to find the most natural and alternative ways to manage and ultimately heal myself from these benign tumors. Outside of anemia, they were not life threatening, but they wreaked havoc on my lifestyle. I yearned for a growing family with my now ex-husband, but instead I gave birth to bloodsucking fibroids. I didn't understand what was going on with my body. I was devastated that I couldn't sit on the train during my periods, I had to line my seat at work, I was not able to work out along with just trying to be normal and attractive around my husband. I tried everything I could imagine to deal with the pain and the excessive bleeding and tiredness. At my job I was not comfortable sharing my story with my supervisors for fear they would think it was just another period excuse. I had 1 out of 4 friends who had similar fibroid issues, and we would talk and support each other, but there was a lack of system support for our niche needs.

The bright side...throughout those years I've managed to eliminate 90% of the symptoms associated with uterine fibroids by doing research and participating in natural and holistic trial remedies. I even went on the blood type diet removing everything that did not benefit my A+ blood type and eventually fasted on water for 9 days straight. All in all, within about the 6th year, all of my period pain and bloating went away. Breast tenderness came to a halt and I had to document when my period would come because I no longer had painful signs! It was great for the most part. But I still experienced tremendous blood loss. There were no products outside of birth control, which I refused to take because I was still in my fertile prime. I wanted a fighting chance, not just for myself but for other women going through the same experiences. 22 fibroids, $10,000 and 1 year later....

I  will now have my chance.

Hence BUPeriod. We are a lifestyle brand that will seek to address all of the above and much more for women who have issues managing their periods. The journey continues...let's ride!
Vanessa A. Siverls
"be you. period. your body is your gem."

Contact us go to info@buperiod.com

"Be you. Period. Your body is your gem."